External data protection officer

From our sites in Cologne, Frankfurt and Munich, we can provide an external data protection officer for your company anywhere in Germany and beyond.

In this capacity, we support small and medium-sized enterprises, associations and institutions regardless of industry, as well as internationally active corporations (“corporate data protection officer”).

Under the various European Data Protection jurisdictions, any legal entity in most European Countries may be obliged to name a Data Protection Officer. If that is the case and which countries are most severe, you may learn here. This table summarizes the different legal regulations concerning data protection officers in the EU. There you will find not only information on the legal requirements on the person as data protection officer, but also which legal advantages result from an appointment. Additionally you will find information on the fact if the appointment is described by law in your country or details concerning the employment situation for data protection officers with internal appointment.
In the first column on the left you will find the regulations of the proposal for General Data Protection Regulation in the EU concerning data protection officers.
Expertise for your company

As an external data protection officer, we guarantee comprehensive services that are characterized as “outsourcing.” In addition to statutory data protection support, we are responsible for project management and coordination.

We provide you with clear information about your liability risks. You focus on your core business while we take care of your data protection obligations at a transparent cost. We offer our services as a data protection officer at a flat, guaranteed rate – which guarantees you long-term planning security.
Additional information

You can learn additional details here about our work as an external data protection officer, which we coordinate with the individual needs of your company.

To request a customized offer for your specific needs or to obtain further information, please contact us.