Our skills as data protection officers

In particular, as your external data protection officer or data protection consultant, we offer:

  • An experienced team of attorneys at Law (Germany) that not only has many years of experience in data protection law and as data protection officers, but also – with consideration for data protection law as an interdisciplinary matter – always includes labor-law, competitive-law, IT-law and penal implications in the consultation.
  • A nationally positioned, globally active office that offers complete data protection services, pursues an integrated approach and specializes in providing you with tailor-made concepts.
  • The ability, in addition to comprehensive practical experience and specialized knowledge, to initiate and lead data protection projects, to communicate them appropriately both within and outside your company (for instance to the works council or supervisory authorities) and to balance any conflicting interests in a practice-oriented manner while taking the legal requirements into account. Communication, coordination and team-building skills are just as important to us as personal integrity.
  • An analytical, target-oriented and efficient approach to identifying the critical points in your company or your group – solid legal knowledge is just as important here as wide-ranging technical understanding.
  • Performing audits (also in the area of order control).
  • Ongoing close collaboration with your specialized departments, which guarantees fast implementation of the necessary measures and thus compliance with data protection laws.
  • Where necessary and appropriate, designing guidelines and/or work instructions. We also help you create works council and service agreements.
  • Organizing regular training, which can range from an initial survey of statutory data protection principles to complex key issues (employee data protection, global CRM systems, data transmission within the company, preparing certification measures, archiving obligations, data sub processing, etc.). Our goal is to sensitize your employees to the tasks they have been assigned.

With these qualifications, our successful concept, our proactive participation and consultation in new system launches and our consistent support, we ensure data protection in your company as your external data protection officer, thus minimizing your liability risk in the long term. This is more important than ever, given the possibility of increased fines, self-reporting obligations (Art. 33 GDPR) and potentially serious reputational damage.

Please contact us for further details – we will gladly provide you with a customized offer for your specific needs.

For more information about the obligation to appoint a data protection officer, please click here.