IT law

Almost no other legal area is as dynamic or as influenced by modern technology as the field of data protection law. Solid technical knowledge, clear-sightedness and competence go hand in hand with modern data protection management when it comes to legal/practical evaluations of technical subjects as well as complex systems. Thus they are a given for us in our day-to-day work.

Even beyond processing personal data using electronic data processing systems, however, the areas of IT law and today’s commercial law raise many legal questions in a highly technological environment. As attorneys at Law (Germany) with certified skills in the fields of data protection and legal informatics, we work with technical issues on a daily basis in every area of modern commercial life, and we advise you as experts at the interface between business, technology and law.

Thus we support you not only nationally and internationally in the acquisition and use, implementation and maintenance of hardware and software systems, but also in the area of licensing intellectual property rights and intangible property rights of all kinds, as a licensee or licenser in a multimedia environment. Furthermore, we can provide legal security and ensure compliance when it comes to legal questions regarding

  • hardware and software contract law,
  • outsourcing, provider and data-processing-center contracts, hosting/housing and cloud computing,
  • communication networks and services,
  • telecommunications and telemedia law,
  • data protection and data security, encryption and electronic signatures,
  • e-commerce, online and mobile business (b2b and b2c),
  • electronic business transactions, including the design of individual contracts and General Terms and Conditions, usage conditions, disclaimers and legal notices,
  • copyright,
  • marketing and advertising,
  • the use of cookies, social media, behavioral targeting and retargeting,
  • commercial legal protection and other competitive law,

which we will be happy to answer for you using our expert knowledge, and to provide solutions that are efficient and practicable in terms of the law, technology and cost-effectiveness.

Last but not least, the forensic work involved in defending your rights in today’s modern and technology-focused commercial world – due to the boundary-breaking nature of information technology, especially the internet – includes several important procedural features that you can count on us to understand.

As a result, you can take advantage of all our services on a comprehensive, integrated level, in other words both as consultants and in designing contracts, as well as in court if necessary.