Training and seminars

We regularly organize in-house data protection seminars, in other words on-site events for interested companies, as well as training sessions at our law-firm offices.

Members of the company management, IT and personnel managers (or other employees in these departments), quality management and compliance officers as well as internal data protection officers all take part in our seminars and training sessions. We also provide training for personnel representatives and works councils.

We offer the following events on a regular basis, both as basic and advanced sessions:

  • “Data protection practice in companies”
  • “Data protection practice in corporations”
  • “Employee data protection”
  • “Customer data protection, online and offline”
  • “Data protection co-determination”

In particular, our goals are to explain the legal and technical principles, to answer all of the participants’ questions, to provide seminar materials that will be useful in the long term, and above all to keep our events practice-oriented. Providing follow-up support by phone or email is a given for us.

Our many years of experience as data protection consultants, for companies of all stripes and in a wide range of national and international industries, allow us to respond to your practical needs in a targeted way.

Please contact us to learn more about upcoming dates for the second and third quarter of 2012, as well as our prices – which we are confident you will find surprisingly reasonable.